10 Facts About Luna and Aurora

As Luna’s Birthday was only a couple of weekends ago I thought we’d do something a little different. I have lots of Birthday photo’s I want to share with you, as well as mine and Aurora’s day out to Countryfile Live with Sputnik the Sighthound, but I didn’t want to make you read another boring old post about what the dogs did on their Birthday, I see enough of those about as it is. So instead I thought I’d write you a boring old post on 10 facts about Luna and Aurora.

1. Luna was rescued when she was 6 months old
Poor little tyke had such a bad start to life. This might not be a new fact for some of you, as I know a lot of people already know, but if you didn’t, you do now! This is the reason for her reactive behaviour, which I have already spoken about with you. But she’s with us now, and enjoying life! If you’re one who abuses animals, you really are an evil bastard, and I hope karma bites you on the backside.

Luna: “Okay, can I open my presents now?” – How on earth could you abuse a little face like that?

2. Aurora hates travelling
We honestly aren’t sure why, she loved travelling as a puppy! But one day something switched and she hated it. Now when she gets into a car she just shuts down and won’t respond to anything. It’s awkward for me to help her as I don’t drive but I am in the process of lessons and getting there! Once I can drive I have a plan set in my head of how to help her, but if you have any tips on this I would be extremely grateful! I believe it always benefits to be open to different techniques when it comes to training, never be closed minded! Fool!

Aurora: “I had lots of fun visiting the Guru Pet Food stand, I love their new venison sausages!”

3. Luna has Hip Dysplasia
Another negative for this lovely little girl. She was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at the age of 3. The only reason I noticed so young was thanks to agility, we noticed that she was knocking poles and couldn’t turn as tight on one side. So with me having a bit of a canine medical background, I was straight to the vets with her once it had happened for a few sessions – so we knew it wasn’t just a one off. We got her x-rayed and sure enough the x-rays showed mild Bi-lateral Hip Dysplasia – BL = both sides. In short we got her in for hydrotherapy and I do simple physio exercises – given by a professional – with her at home. She is now almost in perfect condition and went back to agility, clearing poles etc. no problem. We always monitored her closely and as soon as she showed small signs of tiredness we stopped. I’ve got a long post planned on her HD, so I won’t bore you with the details just yet!

Luna: “I might have Hip Dysplasia but it doesn’t stop me from tearing into my prezzies!”

4. Aurora is a face batting alarm clock
Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s pretty cool really, Carl has several alarms in the morning to help him get out of bed – we’re not morning people. Each alarm is a different song, so Carl knows how close he is to really needing to get out of bed. Aurora has figured out which alarm is the last one! When the last one goes off she jumps on Carl, paws on face and some kisses and nose nibbles until he moves!

Aurora: “What can I say? You humans are lazy and need getting up earlier!”

5. Luna loves agility
Luna really does love her agility and misses it I’m sure! We’ve had to limit how much she does because of her hip dysplasia, which is sad, but she can do a little every now and again. It’s sharp turns and high jumps that we have to be careful with. In the moment she is enjoying herself so much that she doesn’t think about it! But afterward she pays a price and can be really stiff if we let her do as much as she wants, so we have to monitor what she does for her sake. But that fact that she can do any is fabulous! This is thanks to her hydrotherapy and physio exercises that I do at home with her, it helps keep her muscles strong which supports the joints and allows her to do what she loves!

Luna: “Excuse the old photo, but this was my first ever ribbon in agility!”

6. Aurora’s favourite fuss is a belly rub
Aurora is not a ‘fussy’ dog, she’s not keen on cuddles, unless it’s on her terms, and even then she doesn’t hang around for more than a few minutes. But she will lie there for a considerable amount of time if you give her a good belly rub!

Aurora: “Did you say Belly rub?!”

7. Luna’s favourite fuss is a scratch behind the ears
Luna is a very cuddly dog, as soon as I sit down she’s on my lap! Her favourite thing is in the evening, when we’re settling down in bed, she likes to curl up next to me and I can send her off to sleep pretty quick by just scratching slowly behind her ears. Doesn’t take long for her to start dreaming!

Luna: “Love my beautiful collar from Bramble and Friends! Thanks Mum! And my new tag from We Love to Create – Pets

8. Aurora sucks her fluffy beds when she sleeps
This is strange, I’ve never met another dog that does this, so if your dog does, please let me know! She will only do it to soft, fluffy beds, but she literally lays down, sucks the bed and ‘puds’ it like a cat – you know what I mean, when they press on something with either paw at a time and put their claws in it, are you with me? But yeah she’ll do that until she falls asleep! Funny Puffy.

Aurora: “Suck my bed? Me? Nope… I think you’re talking about that other Collie over there…”

9. Luna has rear dew claws
Yeah, they’re strange. Hers are literally just flappy bits of skin with a claw attached to it. They’re quite gross really, bleurgh – I just looked at the spelling correction for that, burgher, is that like her burger? Do you get burghis? Anyway back to the claws, oddly Luna’s rear dew claws have never bothered her. I always though she would catch them on stuff all the time, but it turned out that she always caught, snapped and twisted her front ones! So she still has her rear ones but her front ones have now been removed. The front ones were a nightmare, and she had to be put under every time she snapped them to fix them and I didn’t want her to have to go under that often – not good for the body to be happening that often!

Luna: “I even got to spend my Birthday with the wonderful Mr. Mash!”


10. Aurora’s favourite phrase is “where is the ball?”
Aaaand cue head tilt. She will tilt her head the first time you say it, then if you say it again she will start to search. If you say it a third time she starts squeaking, making tiny little whining sounds until she finds it! If she can’t find a ball after a few minutes she will start barking out of frustration!

Aurora: “GIVE ME THAT BALL RIGHT NOW!” PC: Aura Photographs

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the girls! I know this is quite similar to a Q & A, but I feel like some of these are not questions you guys might ask about! Don’t forget to drop a comment if you have a question that you want me to answer. Whether that be about my girls, or a general question about dogs, or just my opinion on a certain topic! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Here’s a few more photo’s of Luna’s Birthday! We didn’t take the camera out for the walk, we just let them have fun and be dogs! There is on thing I would like to note, and that is how fantastic Faerytails were about Luna’s Birthday cake. Luna has a LOT of allergies, and they were super helpful in making sure Luna could have her cake and eat it too! 😉

Luna: “Thank’s Spuddy for my new tuggy! Although, could you tell your girlfriend to get off it…”
Luna: “Thanks again Spud for my new squeaky football and the new bandana!”
Luna: “Paws up for my Birthday! And for my Bramble and Friends Reversible Foxes Bandana
Luna: “So many presents! As I’m already wearing my Luna’s Loft bandana I thought I could wear my new Whiskers and Stiched one on my head!
Luna: “A girl can never have too many treats!”
Luna: “My W & S bandana is better…” Aurora: “If you say so, Birthday girl… My LL bandana is good enough for me!” This fabulous cake is from the fantastic Faerytails!
Luna: “Whoever said you shouldn’t have your cake and eat it too was wrong, someone get em’!”

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