Hi! Hannah here! So I guess I’ve got to write about myself? I’m sure that’s a fear of most, not just mine. I’ll make it quick, bullets will work right? To the head perhaps…:

  • Born 6th August 1993
  • Hopeless at secondary school (lazy, definitely lazy)
  • Studied Art and Animal Management at College
  • Became a Canine Hydrotherapist
  • Left after 3 years thanks to chlorine allergy
  • Drew pet portraits for a year
  • Started making pet accessories

Yep, that’s my life in as few points as I could manage.

So I’ll continue to keep this short, saves your eyes a bit. Here’s some fun facts about Luna * Insert sarky comment here*:

  • Born: 6th August 2011
  • Humans were cruel to her
  • Rescued: 6 months old
  • Loves: Agility, trick training, swimming for fun and hydrotherapy
  • Health: Hip Dysplasia and a lot of allergies
  • Other dogs: Reactive towards dogs she doesn’t know
  • Favourite toy: Ball
  • Favourite treats: Anything fishy
  • Strange habit: Drools when watching TV
  • Food: Raw

And lastly learn a little about Aurora *Insert witty statement here*:

  • Born 3rd August 2014
  • Loves: Trick training, running, bike rides and swimming
  • Health: Generally healthy
  • Other Dogs: Doesn’t mind most, loves a select few
  • Favourite toy: Ball
  • Favourite treats: Sausages
  • Strange habit: Sucks fluffy beds and falls asleep with them in her mouth
  • Food: Raw

If you ever want to learn anything specific about any of us just pop us a comment or message and I’ll get back to you!